Want to try driving a bus?

      EUGENE, Ore. - So you want to be a bus driver, start a whole new career - but first you'd like to give it a dry run?

      "If they like the feel of being behind the wheel," Andy Vorbora with LTD said, "then they can go ahead and go through the application process, go through the testing."

      LTD is looking for 8 rookie drivers in this latest pool.

      The job of bus driver combines good driving skills with another essential: great customer service.

      The job of teaching others to drive a bus?

      Instructor Gaylene Shrope was patient with a reporter Friday.

      LTD's tryout program runs through August 27.

      New drivers begin their training in December.

      How to apply: Ad from

      We invite you to apply for the position of Bus Operator. If you've never driven a bus, but would like to see if it's the job for you, please contact us at

      Driving times will be offered from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., August 14 - 27. If you are interested in participating, please indicate 3 time ranges you are available. You will receive an immediate confirmation e-mail and a phone call from LTD staff within 2 business days to confirm your appointment day and time.

      Participation in Come Drive the Bus is not a required part of the application process. If you would like to apply, simply click here to complete an application.

      In order to participate, you must: possess a valid driver's license and 5 years of driving history; wear close-toed shoes; not be under the influence of any intoxicants.