Vacant plant in Harrisburg has a new owner

      HARRISBURG, Ore. - The Monaco Coach plant has sat empty for months, but that will soon come to an end.

      According to Harrisburg City Administrator Brian Latta, RV maker Forest River Inc. has purchased the plant.

      Paul Eskritt with Forest River said the plant will start work in September with about 30 employees, most of whom they hope to hire locally.

      They plan to expand employment this winter with a second production line.

      The Monaco plant closed in February, and owner Allied Specialty Vehicle laid off all the employeers.

      Even though not every employee laid off was from Harrisburg, the loss was hard on the small town, Latta said.

      "When it shut down, it took with it several jobs, and so we had about 50 full time jobs and another 75 part time jobs that were lost when they closed down their facility," he said. "So those were lost, and some of those were local jobs, and I'm sure some people commuted in but you know that was the impact directly to the citizens here in town."