Two charged after search of suspected drug house

      JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- Police detained two men Saturday morning while carrying out a search warrant at a Junction City residence suspected of drug activity.

      Officials said the search was cut short when officers opened a mini-fridge, exposing police to potentially hazardous chemicals they think were being used to make narcotics.

      An Oregon State Police haz-mat team is waiting for a warrant to help Junction City PD continue their search of the now sealed off residence.

      The department served a search warrant at the residence on W. Front St. in Junction City just before 8 a.m. Saturday.

      Officers detained Callen Mann, 21, and Anthony Owen, 23. Both men were later charged with multiple crimes including burglary II, frequenting a drug house and criminal mischief.

      During their search, officers reported finding stolen property, including things taken from the Rodeo Steak House & Grill and items reported stolen from a car the night before.

      Two officers searching a bedroom found chemicals inside of a mini fridge, Police Chief Mark Chase said. He believes the chemicals were being used to make either methamphetamine or DMT.

      Police immediately called off their search and sealed off the residence. Two officers were taken to the hospital for an evaluation after they had inhaled some of the chemical vapors, Chase said.

      Officials said the investigation started three months ago after they received tips that there was a lot of foot and vehicle traffic coming and going from the house.

      The Department of Environmental Quality is sending an officer from their Portland offices to help contain and handle the chemicals.

      Owen also had an unrelated warrant from Harrisburg Justice Court.

      This is a developing story, updates will be posted when they are released