'Trying to live up to the reputation of the name'

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      EUGENE, Ore. - Justine Benedick said she's been shopping at Gray's Garden Centers since the 1960s.

      She loved the nursery then; she still loves it now.

      "What happened to the economy has happened with a lot of people - and that's nobody's fault," Benedick said.

      Gray's Garden Centers first opened it's doors more than 70 years ago.

      Last December, the owners called it quits and handed the keys over to bankruptcy.

      This month, the doors opened back up.

      The locally owned nursery is back in bloom after new owners moved in.

      "We're actually trying to live up to the reputation of the name more than its history," said Stuart Leaton, Gray's general manager.

      The name and the location are the same.

      But the owners and the management have changed.

      "The biggest thing we hope to do is to improve on our success is to generate really exciting price points and products that people are interested in," Leaton said. "I'm sure it won't take long, and we'll see a return of a lot of the friendly faces we've seen before."