Trial run for homeless rest stops to be evaluated in March

      EUGENE, Ore. -- A new homeless camp sanctioned by the Eugene City Council opened at the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. and Garfield Street.

      The trial-run camp is meant to be a temporary rest stop for the homeless and organizers are calling it "Eugene Safe Spot".

      The city will evaluate the camp at the end of March on criteria like its impact on the surrounding community.

      The rest stop is stationed a short walk from other homeless and low-income family resources like Opportunity Village.

      Mark Hubble stays at Opportunity Village and said he's excited to see how the homeless rest stop program works for Eugene.

      "It's so important to bridge this perception you have when you hear 'homeless'. We're not all into drugs, alcohol and arrested that kind of stuff," said Hubble. "We do care. I have two girls where their opinion of a houseless dad means lot to me."

      A man speaking for a nearby business (who wanted us to refrain from using his name) said he thinks the area is a good place to open any future rest stop camps because it's mostly an industrial area.