Trees for Recovery: 'It's comforting to know people believe in me'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Twenty-four men are spending their Christmas getting sober while learning what it's like to be a part of a community once again.

      On Green Acres Road in Eugene, a tree farm stands nestled behind Market of Choice. There, recovering addicts are selling Christmas trees.

      Brett Decker with the local nonprofit Willamette Family Addiction and Mental Heath Treatment Services said that by selling trees, the men in treatment learn about teamwork, self worth and what it's like to hold down a job and have responsibility.

      A lot of the guys have been absentee parents in the past.

      By selling trees, a portion of the money raised goes to the men, allowing them to buy gifts for their children while their in getting clean and sober.

      One recovering addict told NewsSource 16 "it's comforting to know people believe in me."