Track Town one of the best places for fitness trainers to work

      EUGENE, Ore. -- While it might not be a surprise that Track Town USA is a health-conscious city, a new analysis from listed Eugene as one of the best cities for fitness and trainers.

      Cody Ford, a personal trainer at International Fitness, said personal training is a great field to go into.

      "I was actually surprised to hear that, it kind of makes me feel good thought it means I must be in the right place," said Ford.

      The study looked at three hundred cities and found the Eugene-Springfield area ranked third for the best location for fitness trainers to work in.

      Daniel Jenson said he thinks that could be why he met such a great trainer locally. He lost 115 pounds since he started seeing a trainer two years ago.

      "I had a trainer put me through a leg workout one day and it was one of the most intense workouts I've ever had," said Jenson.

      According the to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of personal training is expected to grow 24 percent by 2020.

      "You know I've that about fitness as a career, I think it would be kind of fun," said Ford. "I also like the drive and accountability has to come from yourself. It's easy to slack off but it affects you directly when you do."

      Trenton, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois took the first and second place slots for fitness trainers. For a full list visit