Tow truck procession: 'Tony Brown was a very loved and respected man'

      CORVALLIS, Ore. -- The tow truck community came together Saturday to mourn the loss of one their own.

      Around 40 tow trucks from companies across Oregon drove from Corvallis to Eugene to honor the life Tony Brown, a 27-year-old tow truck driver who recently passed away.

      Tony's close friend Jeremy Mills said his sudden death last Tuesday was related to health issues.

      Mills said that Tony loved to drive, and he died on the job doing what he loved.

      "If we remember the good things he brought to us, and remember all the awesome things he did and all the awesome things he taught us, we can smile," said Mills.

      Allan Wooster helped organize Saturday's tow truck procession. He said that Tony touched the lives of everyone he met, adding that it's no surprise drivers from all over the state wanted to honor him.

      "Tony Brown was a very loved and respected man. We worked together, played together, and he left us too soon," said Wooster.