'They're going through something that no one should have to go through'

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A group of local businesses are givng a helping hand to the family of a young Springfield boxer just days after he passed away from crash-related injuries.

      After hearing that 14-year-old Carlos Perez had died, shop owners at the EuGenius Market decided to donate part of their proceeds to his grieving family.

      "I didn't think it up it, it wasn't some vision. It just went- we have to do this," said Don Hoskins, a vendor at the market.

      He brought together the over 30 local venders at EuGenius Market in the Gateway Mall to help the Perez family by donating 25 percent of all proceeds to the family.

      "This family... they're going through something that no one should have to go through, and if in some small way we can help them with this is why we're doing it," said Hoskins. "If we can give back in any way it's what we need to do."

      Hoskins says when he he broke down in tears the first time he heard about Carlos' car accident. He has a small idea of what the family is going through.

      "My folks were in an accident last year, and it's a miracle they're alive. It's a miracle," said Hoskins.

      Other vendors like Aaron Canizales said it has been truly inspiring to see the community come together in the midst of such a tragedy.

      "He didn't even bother to buy anything he just reached into his wallet and pulled out five bucks," Canizales said.

      So far the group has raised almost $200.