'The lack of physical injury was the determining factor here'

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      EUGENE, Ore. - Christopher Alan Branham was arrested Monday after police say he attacked a passerby downtown.

      According to police, Branham appears to have been playing a game known as "Knockout," where an unsuspecting victim is struck.

      Branham is accused of repeatedly hitting the man in the face and body.

      He was brought to Lane County Jail, where he remains.

      Charges of harassment and disorderly conduct were brought against him.

      Sgt. Larry Crompton says while he was surprised when he first saw the charges, he believes the law was followed.

      "By definition of an assault, you have to have physical impairment or substantial pain. He victimized a citizen for no reason. That's appalling. Unfortunately, you've got to charge him with the law that applies. The lack of physical injury was the determining factor here," Crompton said.

      Without a noticeable injury, police relied on a statement from the victim, who indicated he was not in serious pain.

      Branham will be arraigned on December 16 at the Lane County Jail.

      Both charges carry a maximum sentence of 100 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.