Tapping Fresh Talent: Job fair for people with disabilities

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      EUGENE, Ore. -- Incight, Oregon's vocational rehabilitation services and Lane Community College hosted a career expo today called "Tapping Fresh Talent", a job fair that focused on people with disabilities.

      Incight said the unemployment rate is over 50 percent higher for those with disabilities.

      Signe Bollman, who no longer has cartilage in her knees, said those with disabilities are often put at a sever disadvantage in the job market. Bollman said some employers don't want to compensate for their limitations.

      "It is hard to find a job you have to present yourself to an employer and say 'you know I have this I'm restricted working with what I can do' and they don't always want to pay attention to you," said Bollman.

      Tapping Fresh Talent career expo networked people with disabilities with 15 employers who are looking to hire.

      Incight is a nonprofit organization for people with disabilities. Dan Friess , executive director of Incight, explains that under the American Disabilities Act businesses should be accommodating their needs.

      "Laws suggest they need to be given reasonable accommodations which could be giving you a different type of keyboard at a work station, it could be that they give someone a different type of technology or give you a certain amount of break time," Friess said.

      For more information on Incight and their organization visit their website.