Swastikas scribbled on mailbox near Jewish fraternity

      EUGENE, Ore. - Swastikas scribbled all over a mailbox adjacent to a national Jewish fraternity's University of Oregon house is under investigation by local police.

      "Not only is it a destruction of property, but it represents a symbol that strikes fear in an entire community," said Lt. Doug Mozan, "and we are committed to the safety of that community."

      It isn't clear whether the fraternity was a direct target or just near the vandalism.

      But members of Alpha Epsilon Pi said this isn't the first time an incident like this has happened to them.

      "We had people paint swastikas on our backdoor before when I was a freshmen," Connor Lasken said. "It is the 21st century and it's really hard to believe that this day and age we still struggle to feel comfortable in our own homes."

      The mailbox isn't the fraternity's mailbox. The brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi say this is a community issue, not an organizational one.

      Eugene Police said they are still investigating, but when it comes to graffiti - it's hard to track down a suspect.

      "If we don't have a suspect named or a witness to the actual act, it limits our ability to do much follow up," Mozan said. "So instead what we've done is documented the incident."