Sun-powered cars hit the track at EWEB's Solar Challenge

      EUGENE, Ore. - Students from across the region put their hand crafted solar cars to the test Saturday in the EWEB Solar Challenge.

      Middle-schoolers said they made some friends as they worked to showcase their engineering marvels.

      The students worked alone or in teams to make their sun-powered cars ready for competitions that tested speed or climbing. A separate category judged concept cars in art and science.

      The design and construction phases made for a fun challengefor students like David Trujillo

      "It was a real struggle getting gear and all that, and getting it on track and getting it moving was pretty hard too," said Trujillo.

      "We couldn't figure where to put the wheels, so there was a lot of improvisation because the design didn't go completely smoothly," said Noah Merwin, another student in the competition.