Summer vacation: Are you on the road to back pain?

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The summer driving season is upon us.

      A recent TripAdvisor survey shows that 89 percent of Americans are planning on taking a vacation this summer.

      For many, that means long hours driving on the open road

      But racking up time behind the wheel could cause problems for your back.

      "What we hear from a lot of our customers is that they get a lot of neck and lower back issues," said Wanda Jackson, a back care consultant. "Often times again that's from lack of good postural sitting."

      But fixing your posture isn't so simple as sitting up straight.

      "Keeping that natural curve in your back, so if you don't have a lumbar support in your vehicle, taking just a bath towel and rolling it up and putting it behind your back or behind your low back will help," said chiropractor Dr. Megan Wagner

      Wagner said really it's all about keeping your body even and comfortable.

      That means you want to keep your legs in the same position, so your hips will stay aligned.

      Before hitting the road, Wagner recommends checking your steering wheel.

      "Try to keep your shoulders in a neutral position," she said. "You can keep your elbows at your side, maybe just a bit out in front, but you don't want to be reaching, and you don't want to be right here, you want to find that happy medium."

      How do you know if you're doing something wrong?

      "If you feel strain, you need to change something," Wagner said.

      If you don't make that change, you could be putting yourself in a world of hurt.

      Many people experience sciatic nerve issues, pain in the lower back and down the leg when they're driving," Jackson said.