Students complain about wireless Internet at UO

      EUGENE, Ore. - Students at the University of Oregon complain that slow and even spotty Internet access is becoming an obstacle to their academic lives.

      "Well a lot of professors, they kind of go quick," said student Jordin Newport, "and so like I'm sitting there typing everything and all of a sudden the Internet stops working and so I can't type anything more, so I get behind. It's really stressful. It stresses me out 10 times more than it needs to."

      Some spots on campus are better than others.

      "There's different buildings where I don't even get Internet, which is not good," said student Perpetua Ejike. "Sometimes when I'm trying to download readings for class, I can't do that."

      University officials said increased demand from laptops, tablets and smartphones is an ongoing issue Oregon is working to improve.