State Police search for motorcyclist who fled from two traffic stops

      EUGENE, Ore. -- State Police officers are looking for a motorcyclist who sped away from traffic stops on two separate occasions this past week.

      "One of our troopers assigned to our Springfield office observed a motorcycle getting on the freeway, Beltline Westbound, at a very high rated speed," said State Police Lieutenant Rob Edwards. "He initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the motorcyclist didn't stop."

      The biker then led police on a lengthy, high-speed chase. Eventually officers called off the pursuit because it became too dangerous

      A Linn County Sheriff's Deputy spotted the motorcyclist again later in the week. Police say the man got away again after another chase.

      Investigators checked in with a gas station nearby where the first chase happened last Friday. They found the man had filled up his tank shortly before the chase.

      A surveillance video from the Gateway Mall area's AM/PM Gas Station captured footage of the driver, a white male in his late 20s to early 30s with a dark hair and beard.

      The biker was wearing a camouflage jacket and dark colored pants, shoes and back pack.

      The motorcycle is blue and silver. Officials didn't get a good look at the license plate.

      Lt. Edwards said they still aren't sure why the motorcyclist didn't just pull over during the first traffic stop.

      Anyone with information identifying the rider and motorcycle is urged to contact Oregon State Police.