Spray-on track surface lands on cars, in homes at apartment complex

      EUGENE, Ore. - Four local high schools have newly resurfaced tracks - but some of that material landed where it wasn't supposed to go.

      Renegade Sports Surfacing was finishing the $170,000 job when wind blew polyurethane going on the South Eugene High School track into a University of Oregon housing complex for families, too.

      "We noticed there was just kind of fine paint spray all over the car," said Freida Miller, who lives in the Spencer View Apartments.

      The company learned of its mistake from a resident of the apartments and agreed to fix the cars.

      "We had one of the owners of the cars come up to us the next day," said Jeffrey Dixon with Renegade Sports Surfacing. "My partner was down there the next day and arranged all the repairs for the vehicles."

      Miller said someone should have warned them about the spraying.

      "My kids were playing outside that day, and we hadn't gotten any notice that was going to happen," she said. "I mean, there's a guy with a gas mask on the track spraying stuff, and there are kids playing on the grass."