Specialty dogs working for a cause: 'Every disability is different'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Everyday tasks can sometimes prove difficult for people living with disabilities. That's why Eugene-resident Bonnie Berman started "Dogs With A Cause" in 2001.

      She's a certified dog trainer that has devoted her time to training dogs for other people with disabilities.

      A car accident and a stroke may have disabled Berman, but it hasn't slowed her down. Dogs With A Cause takes clients on an individual basis. Berman works to train dogs that cater to the specific needs of each client.

      "I know what people with disabilities need, within limitations, and every disability is different. So every dog does a different task for their owner," said Berman.

      Service dogs can be trained to pick up the phone, turn on the TV or even just providing comfort for clients with anxiety. For more information on their organization visit their website.