Some local families go all out when decking the halls

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and three Eugene homeowners say they're trying to create spectacular light displays to let people walk through a winter wonderland this holiday season.

      Doris Tibbetts' says her husband has been decorating their house near the corner of Maxwell and Manzana for over a decade.

      "About 15 years we've been doing this tradition. As a kid I've always wanted to see a lot of lights, so after we got married we were discussing Christmas and stuff and he does an extra step to make my dreams come true," said Tibbetts.

      Her dreams are fast becoming a reality as they continue to outdo themselves each year by adding on to the full-blown front lawn display.

      Brian Penn lives on Manor Drive and said he puts up Christmas lights and music for all the kids around town.

      "We have a lot of kids that live in the neighborhood and everybody really enjoys it. We got a box of letters to Santa," said Penn. "And we help pass those along to him. It makes me feel good warm and fuzzy inside."

      Soon enough, the Christmas spirit caught on and a few neighboring houses on Manor Drive joined in on the fun.

      James Davis, who lives across the street from Penn, said what started as friendly competition turned into an annual tradition thanks to two little kids.

      "A little 5 and 7 year old boy and girl - it was in the pouring rain - they turned around and said 'mister, your lights sure are pretty thank you for doing it'. And ever since then it's been a every year occurrence," said Davis.

      These houses have become such a hit that people didn't waste any time to use these houses to take photos.

      "Between the buses, the limos, the people in the cars come and check it out and take pictures it's pretty cool!" said Davis.

      Here's a map of some of the holiday displays we've found around town.