Snow steals shopping days as Christmas draws near

      EUGENE, Ore. - Tis the season to see Santa, enjoy a candy cane and find gifts for the ones you love.

      But the storm that blanketed Eugene with snow on December 6 left roads treacherous for days, slowing shoppers to a trickle.

      "Well, it slowed things down on the weekend, that's for sure. It was pretty impossible for any retailer to reach their goals," said Diana Bray at Valley River Center.

      "We saw a big downturn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday," said Marissa Ooyevaar with 5th Street Public Market

      But the loss of those shopping days has lit a fire under local consumers as they watch the calander count down to Christmas.

      "I think for a lot of people who lost last weekend, they're feeling the crunch now," Bray said. "We're feeling like it's going to look like two weekends packed into one coming up."

      "I think people are really starting to feel that pinch, like that 'oh gosh holidays, right there,' and a lot of the times people don't want to leave stuff until the last minute," Ooyavaar said.

      But not everyone is feeling that pinch: last-minute shoppers said there's still time to get into stores.

      "I guess I haven't even really started," said shopper Crystal Platt. "So I'm just going to wait for the thaw and then carry on with my regular business."