Simpsons mural unveiled: 'Springfield is home of the Simpsons'

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- The unveiling of the Simpsons mural in at 5th and Main in downtown Springfield came with cheers and a much-needed confirmation for residents.

      "You win, yes. Springfield is home of the Simpsons," said Yeardly Smith, the voice behind Lisa Simpson.

      Just like the introduction to one of America's favorite cartoons, the unveiling was paired with a performance by the Springfield band, school buses, and even some of the beloved characters from the show.

      Smith has been the voice of Lisa Simpson for over 20 years and says the experience has been life changing.

      "It's given me opportunity and given me freedom of choice. I think no matter how much you make, if you have freedom of choice you have everything," said Smith.

      This was Yeardley's first time coming to Springfield, Oregon and she said it's been a beautiful visit.