Should Springfield pay its mayor and councilors a stipend?

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The Springfield City Council will discuss Monday whether or not they should get paid for their service.

      Springfield's City Charter, written in 1800s, forbids payment to the mayor and councilors.

      City spokesperson Niel Laudati said times have changed.

      "When the charter was first passed, the job was a lot different than it is now," he said. "Now, we expect between 25-30 hours from them every week."

      Both the mayor and councilors use personal vacation time to take off from work to attend meetings and other events related to their elected post.

      Additionally, many pay out of pocket for their spouses or other family members to join them at weekend or evening functions.

      Laudati said the proposed stipend would off-set some of the expenses associated with serving on the City Council.

      "What we'll bring to the council is $300 for councilors, $500 per month for the mayor. It comes out to around $27,000 annually for all of them," Laudati says.

      Springfield residents were surprised their representative weren't paid and wondered whether the situation might deter future candidates from running.

      "They should be paid and rewarded for the hard work they do," said Trina Isaacs. "I think there's some really great people out there who will volunteer their time and have sincere interest in keeping the sity running, but you know it always helps when you have a stipend to compensate time you're losing."

      After the worksession scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday, Councilors will decide whether to present the resolution at an upcoming council meeting, where public input would be taken.