Should cell phones be allowed on airplanes?

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      EUGENE, Ore. - The FCC sees no reason to bar cell phone use from airplanes.

      The Department of Transportation is exploring the issue, too.

      And while the technology to allow cell phone use aboard planes might be there, many people - like Rep. Peter DeFazio, and 90 percent of people in a Today show poll - are opposed to the idea.

      "As it is people are already talking on their phones and not turning them off when they're asked to so it just seems like a really poor decision," said Amber Office, who had just flown in to the Eugene Airport on Friday.

      Office said she witnessed a similar incident to the one DeFazio has asked leaders to consider.

      "Imagine being stuck between two passengers who are carrying on personal phone conversations," DeFazio wrote. "There is absolutely no escape. How long will it be before a fight breaks out mid-flight?"

      James Parillo, who is in favor of banning cell phone use aboard planes, doesn't want to have to use ear phones to drown out another person's phone conversation.

      "I shouldn't have to put music on in order to not hear your conversation, your private conversation, on an airplane, whether it's about business or what you and your girlfriends did last night or whatever," Parillo said.

      Not everyone opposes the idea.

      "I think it should be allowed," said Brentano Giuliano. "I mean, I think with technology now, it doesn't actually interfere with how the plane flies."

      "I would be on my phone to," Taylor Klemp said. "I wouldn't be talking on the plane, but I would be texting to someone else or like on a social media network."

      A possible middle ground: allowing cell phones for non-voice functions.

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