Shoppers out in full force Thursday: 'We'll get the dinner later on'

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Those looking to avoid the Black Friday shopping rush, there's now the option of hitting up some stores on Thursday. Some shoppers say they're happy with stores deciding to open on Thanksgiving.

      "I think it's great," said shopper Maureen Walmsley. "Last minute stuff for the holidays, whatever you have to get for your families, and last minute shopping."

      Walmsley told us that she's found shopping the day before Black Friday is a lot quieter and calmer than competing with crowds for the big deals.

      Not everyone was feeling the holiday spirit inside stores. Others feel that Thanksgiving should remain a holiday independent of retailers pushing to break into profit (or switching from the red to the black) in their books.

      "On the holiday, no," said Randall Chenoweth. "I'd say the day after, because I think that's always been a sort of dedicated day. But I think commerce is dictating that maybe they should perhaps bump up a day."

      Some people we polled also said they're sad to see that employees have to work during the holiday.

      Employees like Old Navy operations manager Rachel Morris said she really doesn't the extra pay for working the holiday hours.

      "I like to see the happy faces, people coming in, Thanksgiving greetings, that sort of thing. And we'll get the dinner later on," said Morris.