Shoppers flock to Nordstrom Rack grand opening

      EUGENE, Ore. - Ryan Loveless got in line at the Nordstrom Rack around 3 a.m.

      Loveless said he moved here at the start of the year and has been disappointed with shopping

      Mike Smith got there around 5 a.m. because he wanted to look for things for his wife and grandkids.

      After months of anticipation, lines of eager shoppers got their first glimpse of the new Nordstrom Rack store Thursday morning during its grand opening in the Oakway Center.

      Shoppers started forming a line before dawn, which grew to stretch around shopping center to the neighboring Old Navy store.

      While they were waiting for the store to open at 9 a.m., early bird shoppers entered a raffle for $100 gift cards and were treated to door-buster prizes like tote bags.

      Nordstrom Rack occupies the space previously occupied by Borders Books. Store officials said that the Eugene location was one of 6 new Nordstrom stores to open Oct. 10 around the country.