Shelter for domestic violence victims - and their pets

      EUGENE, Ore. - When a victim of domestic violence enters the shelter run by Womenspace, she can have her pets stay at Greenhill Humane Society for as long as she needs - at no cost.

      Womenspace executive director Peggy Whalen says a lot of times, pets can stop a woman from leaving a dangerous situation because she worries about what will happen to the animals when she leaves. To a lot of people their pets are their family.

      The partnership between Womenspace and Greenhill aims to ensure that all family members - whether they have 2 legs or 4 - have a safe home.

      When the survivor is comfortable and back on her feet she can bring her pets home, Whalen said. Until then she can rest easy knowing her pets are being well cared for.

      October is domestic violence awareness month. If you want to support Womenspace or learn more about the program, visit the Womenspace website