'She is always moving. She has a song in her heart'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Brielle Crawford is a fighter.

      The 3-year-old has Kippel Fiel Syndrome and Hemifacial Microsomia, conditions that come with a host of complications.

      Brielle is partially deaf, has some paralysis on her right side, and has had several spinal fusions.

      At first no one, including Brielle's doctors, really knew what the girl was going to be able to do.

      Her mother Jaylene remembers when the girl first started walking, she brought her to the pediatrician. "I was like 'I need you to watch something,' and I set her down and she started walking, and Doctor Bradshaw started crying and was like 'she's walking!'"

      These days, it's tough to imagine Brielle not being a spunky, squirmy little girl.

      She's quick to point out band-aids she got in the process of her active lifestyle, and she loves to prance along as her dance teacher shows her new moves.

      "She walks, she runs, she skips, she dances," Jaylene said. "She does it all."

      When Brielle was medically cleared, her mom knew right away it was time to start dance classes.

      "She is always moving. She has a song in her heart," Jaylene said.

      The class at All That Dance is equal parts playing and pli-ing.

      "When they're all in here, this room lights up with music and giggles and everything else," instructor Sarah Beth Byrum said.

      But there's one thing everyone at All That Dance is serious about: helping the Crawford family afford every surgery Brielle needs.

      Some of those procedures can come with a hefty price tag, ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars.

      Brielle won't need surgery for several years, but her mom said they just wanted to start saving now.

      Jaylene, along with Byrum and all of the dancers at All That Dance, have organized a benefit concert.

      All of the proceeds will go Brielle's medical fund.

      "We've done some smaller things here and there to raise money," Jaylene said. "But this is the first really big thing that we've done. And it's special because dance is so close to my and Brielle's hearts."

      The performance is Friday evening at 7 p.m. at the Wildish Theater. Tickets are $15.