Senator Wyden visits Albany to talk NSA, unemployment benifits

      ALBANY, Ore. -- Oregon senator Ron Wyden paid a visit to the Willamette Valley during the recess in congress for Martin Luther King Day.

      While in Oregon the senator addressed crowds in Albany on topics ranging from the NSA spying on phone data and the expiration of unemployment benefits.

      Senator Wyden is demanding a senate vote to extend federal unemployment benefits after they expired in December. The Federal Jobless Benefits expired for those who have gone through the six months of unemployment benefits received from state payments.

      "These are Americans that want to be in the private sector that want a good paying job, and just haven't been able to get one in this economy," said Senator Wyden. "Those kinds of approaches are just not going to fly. We have to come together in a bipartisan manner and get this thing done. I certainly want to do that with my colleagues when I get back."

      Wyden says he wants an immediate vote on the issue, but some of his colleagues do not feel it is an urgent issue.

      The U.S. Senate failed to approve a jobless benefits extension last week for an estimated 1.4 million Americans.