Seeking gluten-free recipes, woman opens a gluten-free bakery

      EUGENE, Ore. - Jessica Scarola opened the gluten-free Elegant Elephant bakery last year after she found out she had Celiac disease.

      The disease causes the body to react to eating gluten in wheat and other grains.

      Scarola set out to find gluten-free recipes - and the idea of a gluten-free bakery was born.

      "People who have celiac like me are not eating gluten free by choice, you're eating it by necessity," she said. "I think there's a really big gap in the market where people don't understand it's not just a trend, for some it's a necessity and it's something that can be life -hreating if you don't follow that strict diet."

      You can order through her website or check out her Kickstarter campaign.