Scout honored for firefighting efforts

      LANE COUNTY, Ore. -- A Boy Scout has been given a prestigious award for his efforts in stopping a wildfire.

      Conner Weller, 15, was on a Scout Troop 100 Venture trip over the summer when he saw a fire in Mt. Zion National Park.

      He ran for water and more hands and helped put the fire out.

      Conner was awarded the National Certificate of Merit, a huge honor recognized nationally by The Boy Scouts of America.

      The award is given for life saving action, unusual heroism, skill or bravery.

      Michael Kane, the general manager of Zion Ponderosa Resort, says Connor is a hero and his reaction to the fire saved the park.

      Conner says he was never afraid, but ready to tackle the challenge he faced.

      He says he felt confident in his training and knew it was his time to show he was prepared.

      He says as a Boy Scout you learn to be prepared for situations like the one he was in, and if any of his fellow Boy Scouts had been in that situation they would have done the same.