School district considers selling land to YMCA

      EUGENE, Ore. - The local school board is reviewing whether to sell land adjacent to a middle school to the YMCA.

      "We are looking at a site that is about 15 acres and there is the potential to sell about 7 acres at the east end of the site to the YMCA," said Kerry Delf, Eugene 4J School District communications coordinator.

      "Having the opportunity to be at Roosevelt and be adjacent to South Eugene High School makes real sense," said Dave Perez with the YMCA.

      For the district to be able to sell to the YMCA, they have to show a benefit to district students and the community.

      The YMCA feels they meet that requirement, saying they are the county's number one private child care provider and provide easy access to family oriented programs.

      "We estimated over $6 million over the next 20 years in services and programs to folks," Perez said.

      Even though the money from the sale would go towards funds to pay for property or capital projects, the school district could decide to disperse the money to other areas in need.

      "The school board has in the past decided to use those funds differently," Delf said. "We've spent several million dollars from those property based and capital funds over the past several years to support our school operations keeping teachers in the classrooms, schools running, and buses on the roads."

      If the sale doesn't occur, the property would most likely become district athletic fields.

      But the YMCA is confident this deal can get done.

      "I've been in this town since 1992 and spent the last 12 years working on that," Perez said, "and I'm as confident as I've ever been about these projects happening."