Riding the bus on a snow day

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      EUGENE, Ore. - If it snows, can you go?

      Unless you absolutely have to travel, your best bet is to stay put during a snow event.

      With well over 100 car crashes since the snow started falling Thursday many Eugene and Springfield residents have taken to riding Lane Transit District busses for a safe trip across town.

      While plenty fo drivers have had accidents on the snow-covered roads, Lane Transit spokesman Andy Vobora said the worst that their busses have encountered is spending a few minutes stuck in a snowdrift.

      Many of the regularly scheduled routes are on different tracks because of the snow.

      "We use those buses to fill in for other trips, because throughout the system buses are going more slowly, they get behind schedule and they might not make it out for their next trip in the Eugene Station. We can fill in with those buses that we canceled from other routes," said Vobora.

      One LTD rider says she has faith in the bus driver's competence in handling the foul weather. As a former bus driver in Salem, Helena Mendonca said all drivers go through rigorous training for these situations.

      "I know the bus drivers are very well trained to handle all snow conditions as well as any other weather conditions," said Mendonca.

      Vobora said their bus drivers tend to take it slow when driving in the snow while also accounting for hazards in the roadway.

      "Sometimes it's not pulling up all the way to the curb - which they would normally do at a bus stop - but stay in the travel lane. Little techniques like that they learn in training to make sure they can keep operating along the routes," said Vobora.

      If you have to get to work or school, be aware of local plow schedules, bus snow routes - and how to use those tire chains lurking in your trunk.

      Snow and Ice Plans

      Eugene and Springfield both publish snow and ice response maps that detail the priority roads for plowing and de-icing.

      Lane County put out a 47-page tome describing which county routes get what kind of treatment during a snow and ice event.

      Bus routes

      Lane Transit District will operate as normal, except in areas where snow and ice cause bus travel to be unsafe.

      Just in case LTD has to use its snow routes, the transit agency publishes information about bus lines that require snow routes.


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