Remembering Harrisburg HS state wrestling champ: 'Tell everybody how much I love them'

      HARRISBURG, Ore. -- The late Deven Dawson is seen as an inspiration in the town of Harrisburg.

      Dawson, a 3-time state champion wrestler, consistently made the honor roll at Harrisburg High School.

      He was just 23 years old when he passed away from a hereditary heart disease. Deven's mother, Jennifer Jones, says he continued to carry out selfless acts into his last months.On Saturday, residents filled the high school gym to celebrate the life and legend of Deven Dawson.

      Jones passed along Dawson's final message at the memorial.

      "Tell everybody how much I love them and never be sad," said Jones. "We made a pact right before he passed away that I would always remember what he said, to give back"

      Jones said her son was at home, surrounded by the people he loved, when he passed away last month.