Reading aid writes book for elementary students

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      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - There's a lot of excitement right now in the library at Mount Vernon Elementary School in Springfield.

      It's not every day students can check out a book written by one of their teachers, but students of educational reading aid Jeanette Bennett can.

      Bennett has written a book called "Girl at Arms," the story of Joan of Arc written for young readers.

      "I picked Joan because I knew she was a teenager and I wanted to write about someone their same age, or about their same age," Bennett said. "And I knew she was an ordinary person, extremely ordinary and I wanted my readers to know that anybody can change the world."

      Bennett's mother taught at Mount Vernon for 22 years, and it was while she was volunteering in her mother's classroom and helping students on a biography project that she thought about writing her first book.

      "We all went down to the library and we picked out our books and I noticed that a lot of the books were about men and all the girls were saying 'we want to read stories about ladies, Aren't there any ladies in history?' Well, there was Pocahontas and there was Amelia Earhart, but there certainly wasn't enough to go around."

      Bennett's mother suggested she write your own books and that's exactly what she did.

      Writing under the pen name Jaye Bennett, Royal Fireworks Press published "Girl at Arms" just this year.

      It's the first of what Bennett hopes will be a series of books about women in history. She's already working on her next book about a girl known at Mountain Charley.

      "Girl at Arms" is available on Amazon and iTunes.