Prosecutors call rebuttal witness in double murder trial

      EUGENE, Ore. - Before moving to closing arguments, the double murder trial of Johan Gillette shifted to a rebuttal of the defense case by prosecutors Wednesdays.

      Prosecutor Stephen Morgan started by calling forensic scientist Traci Rose back to the stand.

      She testified there was no blood on the surface of the bed in the area Johan told jurors he had repeatedly struck his father, James Gillette.

      Nick Wedmore, a search manager for Lane County, also discussed efforts to locate a weapon used in the alleged crime.

      Despite extensively searching the area, nothing was found, he said.

      While the defendant told the court he did not remember what he did with the blunt object, Wedmore's testimony seems to indicate someone went to great lengths to hide or conceal the object.

      However, when defense attorney Dan Koenig asked if police gave instructions to specifically look for a wrench, Wedmore said they did not.

      The last witness called to the stand was medical examiner Dr. Dan Davis. Davis testified about the head injuries both victims sustained in the attack.

      The court recessed for the day after the rebuttal witness.

      The attorneys and judge will meet Thursday to take care of administrative issue.

      Closing arguments will begin Friday morning.

      Koenig said he expects closing arguments to be done by noon or so Friday.

      The jury will then get instructions and deliberate.