Program helps released prisoners reintegrate with society

      EUGENE, Ore. - About half of a $700,000 grant to Lane County is going to support a program that helps people released from prison reintigrate into society.

      Sponsors Inc. will use the money to help high-risk offenders, sex offenders and women with children transition from prison back into the community.

      They received a similar grant in 2011 but not 2012. Officials said they were able to stretch it to 2012, but if they hadn't gotten it this year it would have seriously impacted their programs.

      Sponsors offers drug and alcohol counseling, education, job training and placement programs.

      The program has posted an 81 percent success rate.

      Paul Solomon, the executive director at Sponsors, said the programs not only save taxpayers money by helping keep people from going back to prison, but they also help keep the community safer.