Police use flash-bang device to capture wanted man

      EUGENE, Ore. Eugene police arrested a wanted man Thursday afternoon in Sheldon Plaza.

      Officers utilized a flash-bang device to disorient Cory Charles Weise before detaining him.

      Police said Weise stabbed a man 11 times with a homemade weapon outside Good Times Caf in early October.

      Investigators also said they recovered two guns, marijuana and methamphetamine at Weise's residence, close to a public school.

      He was charged with second degree assault and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school.

      Weise is a member of the West Side Gangsters, a gang that originated in Eugene in the 1990s.

      According to Sergeant Scott McKee, the West Side Gangsters are some of the most violent gang members in the area, and number over one hundred.

      While it began in west Eugene, members now occupy towns and cities across Oregon.

      One of the gang's original members was involved in a similar takedown at a Eugene bank last year.

      Beau Flynn was detained wearing body armor in that incident.