Police ticket SLEEPS campers

      EUGENE, Ore. - Police cited campers who refused to leave a city-owned parcel of land along Hilyward and Broadway between downtown and the University of Oregon.

      The SLEEPS protest campers were notified they needed to leave earlier this week. The protesters said 6 officers came to the site Friday night and ticketed the people who refused to leave.

      "We just want to sleep and be left alone," said Jason Gallegos, a SLEEPS camper. "We're not harming anybody, we're not hurting anything. we keep to ourselves."

      A protester who goes by Tin Man said protesters "respectfully declined" to leave.

      "We've been through this with them before," he said. "It's always been a very cordial, good process, but I think a few things have changed this time."

      Tin Man said he sat in the City Council meeting when the city agreed to establish "rest stops" where people could legally camp overnight.

      "There is no reason that we are on a piece of property the city says will work, three weeks later to be threatened with arrest," Tin Man said.

      City officials were not available late Friday night to discuss the situation.

      Tin Man said Mayor Kitty Piercy can expect a visit from the protesters on Monday.

      "We're going to have a parade," he said. "I enjoy a good coffee and doughnut in the morning. maybe the mayor will have them there for us."