Police: OSU student's stepdad hacked her social media accounts

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      CORVALLIS, Ore. - A 22-year-old Oregon State student turned to police after someone hacked into several of her social media profiles and began posting as her.

      The hacker wormed his way into the woman's computer, posting her personal photos on her profiles.

      Police followed the digital footprints for several months. Corvallis Police now asy the evidence points to 51-year-old Bryan Tilley of Keizer, the victim's stepfather.

      Police allege Tilley stalked his stepdaughter via social media and her cell phone, tracking her locations and trying to coerce her not to do certain things or be with certain people.

      Lt. Cord Wood with the Corvallis Police Department said Tilley alo broke into his stepdaughter's home and slashed her roommate's tires.

      Tilley is facing charges of coercion, identity theft, burglary and more.

      Tilley's attorney could not be reached for comment.