Police getting more complaints about door-to-door sales

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      EUGENE, Ore. - Angelo Di Liberto was home when he said a salesman knocked on his door.

      After demonstrating the power of the cleaning product he was selling, the solicitor became aggressive.

      "Before you know it, he's like, 'Thirty dollars. Sounds good. You bought it,' and I told him, 'No, I didn't pay for anything,'" Di Liberto said.

      Di Liberto asked the man to leave four times. The man finally listened after the door was shut in his face.

      According to Eugene Police, this story has become increasingly common.

      In the last few weeks, they've seen a spike in complaints from residents about aggressive and suspicious solicitors.

      "Some of these folks come from different areas and they have criminal records," said Steven Chambers of the Eugene Police Department. "Our concern is these people might be a little pushy and get into your home. If they are involved in criminal activity, they could be canvassing your home for burglaries."

      To keep yourself safe, officials suggest you refuse to open your doors to anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

      Further, solicitors are required to carry identification and leave if asked.

      If you witness any suspicious activity, you're urged to contact your local police.