Plow maps for Eugene/Springfield, LTD bus routes - and how to use tire chains

      EUGENE, Ore. - If it snows, can you go?

      Unless you absolutely have to travel, your best bet is to stay put during a snow event.

      But if you have to get to work or school, be aware of local plow schedules, bus snow routes - and how to use those tire chains lurking in your trunk.

      Snow and Ice Plans

      Eugene and Springfield both publish snow and ice response maps that detail the priority roads for plowing and de-icing.

      Lane County put out a 47-page tome describing which county routes get what kind of treatment during a snow and ice event.

      Bus routes

      Lane Transit District will operate as normal, except in areas where snow and ice cause bus travel to be unsafe.

      Just in case LTD has to use its snow routes, the transit agency publishes information about bus lines that require snow routes.


      92 (LCC Closed) | 92 (LCC Open) |

      Bus 91 McKenzie Bridge

      Bus 85 LCC/Springfield

      Bus 82 LCC/Pearl

      Bus 81 LCC/Harris

      Bus 76 UO/Warren | Bus 73 UO/Willamette

      Bus 33 Jefferson

      Bus 27 Fairmount

      Bus 24 Donald