Petitioners want this T not to be

      EUGENE, Ore. - A t-shirt marketed to Oregon Duck fans has outraged some people who say the slogan implies the wearer wants to be raped or is in need of sexual touch.

      The green and yellow shirt printed by pairs the phrase "She wants the D" with an image of a smiling duck poking out of the letter D.

      A petition posted on asking the University of Oregon to send a cease and desist letter to the t-shirt company has already gained more than 500 signatures.

      University of Oregon spokeswoman Julie Brown said the school finds the shirt to be offensive and supports the request for the company to cease and desist printing of the shirt.

      Students who saw the shirt and spoke with NewsSource 16 said they felt the phrase was a roundabout way of referencing male anatomy rather than actually a desire to see the school's mascot.