Passing the mug: Creswell coffee stand changes hands

      CRESWELL, Ore. -- A Creswell coffee stand started the new year with new ownership. After working at The Bean Hopper for 6 years, Ashley Lewis took the reigns of the drive-thru java joint with her high-school sweetheart turned husband, Jered.

      "It's finally a dream that's coming true. I'm excited to be involved in the community and there's just so much this little business has to offer," said Ashley.

      The business has been a Creswell fixture for 10 years. Bean Hopper baristas like Kyia say they love the energy that the customers bring.

      "I love working with all these amazing people and we're all really close and like a family here," said Kyia.

      Lewis, who started working at the coffee stand in high school, said she hopes her passion for the coffee business will keep The Bean Hopper around for plenty of years to come.

      "Just being able to talk to people all day. People are just so happy to see you because they want that first cup of coffee in the morning," said Lewis.

      Each Monday the stand whips up a new batch of specialty whipped cream. This week The Bean Hopper offered its loyal customers chocolate-peppermint whipped cream.