Paintings of Jerry Garcia, John Lennon swiped off wall at Moe's Tavern

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Sara Ashley loves bright colors and musicians.

      "I get a lot of inspiration from classic rock and icons, both dead and alive," she said. "Everyone has somebody that they really love or that they're a fan of, and I love to be able to bring that into peoples homes."

      In an already saturated market, Sara needed exposure. Moe's Tavern in Springfield hung her art high with pride for the world to see.

      But after a busy Saturday night at the bar, Moe's owner noticed the wall that used to be full of colorful paintings was empty.

      "I looked up on the wall and said, 'Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?' I said what happened to those two pictures? Did we sell a couple pictures?" Mitchel Hescheles said.

      Two of Sara's paintings were gone: an original of John Lennon and a reproduction of a painting of Jerry Garcia.

      The two paintings took her 60 hours to complete - and represent $600 dollars of potential revenue gone.

      "I can't tell the artist somebody stole her art," Mitchel said.

      To help facilitate the return of the artwork, the UPS Store in Springfield on Pioneer Parkway said it will take the paintings and not turn in the person who returns them.

      If you know there whereabouts of the paintings, you can contact the Springfield Police Department.