Painter develops app to help track paint, landscape and more

      EUGENE, Ore. - Painter Brad Bolinger has clients from Eugene to Portland.

      Keeping everyone's exact paint colors straight has been a challenge. Without the actual paint labels or receipts, matching the same color to a wall can be challenging.

      Enter the SwatchDeck app, which helps keep a record of swatch labels and also allows users to create a color scheme palette before heading to a store.

      Bolinger said it took him 9 months to create the app. He said its been a hit. He and his crew are heading to Los Angeles in June for a designers convention where they will be unveiling SwatchDeck 2.0.

      The newest update will allow users to find a swatch and the location it can be purchased. The swatches aren't just paint related.

      "We saw the need to have swatches of rocks, stones, flooring, vegetation. Everything has a label, so if you can capture the picture of the label and surface, you can create a swatch of everything," Bolinger said.

      The SwatchDeck app is free and available at the iTunes store.