Orthodontist offers $1 per pound bounty on Halloween candy

      EUGENE, Ore. - Dr. W. Gray Grieve will give kids a dollar for ever pound of candy they bring him on Friday and Monday after Halloween.

      Grieve said he usually gets about 300 pounds of candy at his office at 995 Willagillespie Rd. He either mails the sweet loot to troops overseas or gives to the local armory.

      He does it because he thinks there's too much sugar in the diets of children these days, and he wants to help reduce it.

      Even if you don't want to turn in your candy, Grieve said anyone eating candy (including mom and dad sneaking a piece here and there) needs to make sure they brush and floss after eating anything with a lot of sugar.

      Grieve said the most problematic candy, in his opinion, is the Sugar Daddy. He said the giant thing of caramel can pull at teeth - and if the candy is cold and kids bite into them, it can break teeth.