Oregon's US Senators sit down with South Eugene students

      EUGENE, Ore. - Both of Oregon's United States Senators were at South Eugene High School on Wednesday morning.

      Sen. Jeff Merkley joined his friend and senior colleague, Sen. Ron Wyden, on his "Listening to Oregon's Future Tour."

      The tour is aimed at high school students across the state.

      The senators are hoping to inform students on what is happening in Washington, D.C., and hear some of the concerns they have on the future.

      "This is a wonderful opportunity to hear what our future voting citizens are thinking," Merkley said. "They're pondering the world to come have and have concerns such as global warming, certainly college affordability, and the shutdown."

      Wyden remarked to the crowd of students, "What I hope your generation will say, much like Senator Merkley and I have said, is you got to pay the bills that you've already incurred, and then economize for the future; and you don't close the government in a way that's completely counterproductive."

      Students were impressed with the two men, learning about the issues and the two Senators themselves.

      Students who spoke to NewsSource16 said the forum provided information they would not have gotten inside the classroom.

      "We do need to be informed. We need to be educated," said Raina Kamrat, a junior at South Eugene High School. "I think we have a lot of good ideas that can be stimulated by politicians coming and talking to high school students and discussing these issues."

      The senators posed with students in photographs before leaving together to speak with high schoolers in Corvalis.