Oregon's unemployment rate drops, still just above national average

      EUGENE, Ore. -- The latest numbers on Oregon's job market show some serious growth in employment across the state.

      Oregon's unemployment fell to 7.3 percent in November - the lowest number the state has seen since September of 2008. Even with the drop, Oregon is hovering above the nation's average unemployment rate.

      The number of underemployed people includes 15.8 percent of Oregonians, which regional labor economist Brian Rooney says is a good sign for local job growth.

      "That should be good news for people who are looking for work. As the labor market tightens, it should be easier for them to find a job," Rooney said.

      Not everyone agrees that the market is improving. KMTR's Kat Wolcott spoke with several job seekers on Wednesday who said it's still difficult to find employment in this economy. Some say it's even tougher to find a job that matches their education and skill set.

      The employment numbers for individual counties are expected to be released next week.