Oregon sex offender database current - but incomplete

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - For years, state police have been trying to play catch up when it comes to registering sex offenders.

      Now they tell us their database is finally current.

      But even though it's up to date, you can only see a select few if you go to the state registry website.

      There are more than 27,000 registered sex offenders in Oregon, but only 623 of them are posted on the public website.

      They are the ones that meet three specific criteria.

      First, they must be deemed predatory, or most likely to re-offend.

      Second, the supervising agency must have notified someone other than the offender's family - for example, neighbors, a church, community parks, or schools - that the offender lived nearby.

      And finally, the primary supervising authority must notify state police that the offender was under a high level of supervision

      In some other states, it's a differen't story: they post every single sex offender that's registered.