Oregon, Oregon State students to see tuition freeze in 2014

      EUGENE, Ore. - Students will pay lower tuition starting in January at Oregon's public universities.

      The legislature and governor approved $15 million to reduce tuition.

      That along with the special session funding of $25 million, a total of $40 million will go towards the reduction of costs for students across the state.

      Since 2002, tuition rates have been going up and up. On average tuition was increasing about 5 percent across the state.

      With the new funding, students will save an average of $150 a year at the University of Oregon and $228 at Oregon State.

      Students will see the change in the 2014 winter term and will continue to see it in the spring and fall of 2014.

      Tuition will freeze for the first time since 2001 in fall 2014.

      Students across the University of Oregon's campus were not only excited to save money but said the saved money will go torwards a better future.